Leeds Societies

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Welcome to Leeds societies! Click here to join our WhatsApp community.

This is a brand new community dedicated to hosting groups/clubs/societies that meet regularly across the city to connect like-minded people. You don't need to signup, buy any tickets or anything like that. Perhaps the easiest way to describe us is to say that we're a bit like university societies but we're not connected to any university (or any other organisation). A list of all groups can be found here. We exist primarily to connect people in their 20s, but we're open to everyone in Leeds.

Each group has a WhatsApp group that's part of an umbrella WhatsApp community (click the link above to join, or click here for more info). In addition, each group has a hosted calendar that anyone can subscribe to for free in their calendar app of choice. Please see this page for info on the calendars. We also have a Facebook page

If you don't want to use the calendar, you can see upcoming events here.

We are not a company or charity or indeed any formal organisation. The groups are yours, I'm just hosting the site and acting as WhatsApp admin.